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It begins with a path that took Lisa from managing a convenience store when she was 20 (too young to buy alcohol but old enough to sell), to stuffing sausages at a meat packing plant one summer, spreading her charm in retail for too long, selling books for forever, working in tech while the internet was a baby, and managing content for Fortune 50 companies. She’s also been a librarian, waitress, and slung pizza one summer.

In graduate school for her Masters in Library Science, Lisa began working for small businesses and non-profits on crafting content for their websites and social media channels. Lisa found that these small businesses wanted to be active online but either didn’t have the time or resources to do so. Lisa created NGI to solve these exact problems: crafting content and managing small businesses and non-profits social media and websites so they could continue to create the products and services they love.

Lisa live in the Midwest with her husband and their persnickety pug named Thursday. She spends too much time watching reality TV and reading heaving bosom books. She’s a member of the Jane Austen Society of North America and her favorite Elizabeth Bennet is Keira Knightley. Lisa supports Indiana Fever and Nottingham Forest. Go sports team!