Hello from Nerd Girl Industries!

Lisa is a

What does that mean exactly?

It begins with a path that took me from managing a convenience store when I was 20 (too young to buy alcohol but old enough to sell), to stuffing sausages at a meat packing plant one summer, spreading my charm in retail for too long, selling books for forever, working in tech while the internet was a baby, and managing content. I’ve also been a librarian, waitress, and slung pizza one summer.

no, really, how can you help me?

When I started developing my services, I asked around what should my title be. I settled on Jane of All Trades because I have my fingers in a lot of pots that are all related. Some people may understand when I say I am a content designer (previous title), most don’t. The easiest way to explain is, “You’ll know it when you see it.”


  • You’re a small company with a social media presence but you can’t keep up. Hire me.
  • Your customers are getting lost in your website and bounce rates are high. You need your site organized. Hire me.
  • You need to create a style guide for consistency of your brand, website, content, and social media but you have no idea how to start. Hire me.
  • Your website is made with WordPress but you’re unsure or don’t have time to keep it updated. Hire me.
  • You want to extend your brand by creating newsletter, blog articles, and social media content but not only are you not sure how to begin but you’re also not sure on what topics to write. Hire me.
  • You’re interested in learning how to use WordPress or maybe Instagram, but you feel overwhelmed. Hire me.
  • You want to create a regular newsletter and blog posts to promote your brand but you don’t have the time to research or write. Hire me.
  • You’re on a lot of social media apps but you’re not getting the same engagement? Hire me.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

What I am not: Web designer, graphic artist, web developer, UX/UI enthusiast, or marketing mastermind. I work along these teams and not against them.

Makes sense? Book me for a free 30 minute consultation!




I live in the Midwest with my husband their persnickety pug. She spends too much time watching reality TV and reading heaving bosom books. She’s a Jane Austen stan and her favorite Elizabeth Bennet is Keira Knightley.

You can find NGI on Facebook and Instagram. I can be found as @heroineinabook across the internet. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

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