Burgundy gear that says "Nerd Girl Industries."I get it.

As fast as things change, managing an online presence can be challenging and social media can be frustrating!

And managing your social media? That’s a full time job!

Plus! Who has time to learn new apps or devices?

This is where I come in!

I’m Lisa, the Nerd Girl of Nerd Girl Industries, and for over 15 years, I have taught computer literacy. Additionally, I have over a decade of managing and creating social media content for small business, creatives, and non-profits. And if you have a blog or newsletter that needs content, I can do that too!


Here is what I can do for you!

Social Media

  • Creation and management
  • Planning and strategy
  • Training on using popular social media apps

Additional Services

  • Individualized training on using your computer, phones, and apps (Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android)
  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Organizing digital content and files
  • Keyword research
  • Tailored research


  • Content writing (articles, essays, blog, social media)
  • Providing tone, voice, and style guidelines for content
  • Copy clean up (grammar, style, spelling, voice, and tone)
  • Information architecture
  • Content strategy
  • Knowledge management
  • Taxonomy and metadata organization
  • Content audit, future planning, and assessment


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • WordPress Management (.com and .org)
  • Website audit such as usability and broken links

If this sounds good to you,

schedule a free 15 minute discovery call

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