About Nerd Girl Industries

I believe that small businesses, non-profits, and freelancers need an online presence to showcase their services and products. NGI knows that creating content and managing an online presence can take a lot of time and energy, taking away that time from your goals. This is where NGI comes in: I do the work for you so you can continue to run your business with less stress and more time.

I want my clients to feel seen and appreciated online and NGI the perfect company to do this. Contact me today for a free 15 minute discovery call or call us at 231-492-0699.

Why Nerd Girl Industries?

Nerd Girl industries believes in three core values:


Some of what I can do for you:


  • You don’t have time to write or post content to your website, newsletter, or social media
  • You need someone to copy edit your content  for spelling, style, and grammar before posting
  • Your content needs to be audited to keep it current and useful
  • You need ideas for content to post but don’t have time to research
  • You want to create a newsletter or blog but you’re not sure how to begin or what services to use
  • Your digital files are a mess and you need help getting them organized
  • You need style guide that drives the voice and tone of your brand but have no idea how to start
  • You need help with organizing, storing, and distribute information within your business

Additional Services

  • You’re interested in learning how to use WordPress
  • You need individualized training on popular social media apps and other software

Social Media

  • You’re a small company with a social media presence but you can’t keep up.
  • You’re on a lot of social media apps but you’re not getting the engagement.
  • You want to get on social media but you don’t know how or what services to use
  • You need a social media plan and calendar to keep your customers engaged and current on your services and products.


  • You need to keep your website, plugins, and widgets updated
  • Customers are getting lost on your site and you need it organized
  • Your website runs on WordPress but you don’t know or have the time to keep it updated and managed